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M700L / M700LG

Вертикални обработващи центрове

These vertical machining centers are designed to perform various machining operations on medium and large-size work pieces in high cutting speed and feed conditions.

Reinforced spindle assembly with precise grinded parts. Increased size of bearings. High processing speeds under heavy operating conditions.

Telescopic guards along the three axes: long life of the ball screws and the linear guide ways; fast and efficient flushing of chips by means of coolant liquid.

24 ATC fast tool change magazine - 2.8 sec. Automated air blow during tool change.

Fully enclosed machine guarding design provides a save, dry, clean working environment. Swivel panel of the CNC control. Highest convenience for easy setup and manipulating.

Wide and hardened precise grinded flat slide ways on all axes. Stable work by heavy cutting conditions. Super high grade “Turcite- B” fitted to X, Y, Z slide ways gives 40 % greater stability.

All ball screws - high precision, class Р3, Ø40 mm OD, with a double nut, pre-loaded to control backlash. High precision of positioning and smooth operation.

Directly coupled to the ball screws AC servo motors along all axes. Excellent interpolation accuracy.

Guaranteed precision and stability in the long transverse stroke of the four flat guideways surfaces on Y-axis.

Диалогово програмиране, съответно Manual Guide / ShopMill

M700L - is a linear guideway variant of M700

M700LG - linear guideway variant of M700 with a gearbox between main motor and spindle

Технически параметри Стойност
X axis travel 1300 mm
Y axis travel 700 mm
Z axis travel 700 mm
Spindel nose to table 130 - 830 mm
Table size 1450 x 700 mm
T-slots: number x size x pitch 5 x 18 x 125 mm
Max workpiece weight 1000 kg
Guideways Linear
Flour to table 820 mm
Spindel speed range 10 000 / 12 000 / 15 000* rpm
Spindel taper SK40 / ISO40 / BT40 (50)*
Tool capacity 30
Max tool diameter 80 / 125* mm
Max tool diameter (adjacent pocket empty) 150 / 200* mm
Max tool length 200 / 300* mm
Max tool weight 6 / 15* kg
Rapid traverse X / Y / Z 20 / 20 / 20 m/min
Machine weight 7000 / 7400 kg
Machine dimensions (approx.): L x W x H 3650 x 2915 x 3027 mm
CNC Control Fanuc 0i (Fanuc 32i / Siemens 828D / Siemens 840D / Heidenhain iTNC620)****
(*) option with BT / ISO 50
(**) option
(***) on customer request